Cattitude is a page-a-day journal that challenges you to shape your attitude about health and wellness.  Each page starts out with a nugget of wisdom from Bradley (aka Catman) and ends with some positive quotations.  In between, there is space for you to write.  You can use it as a journal - to track your thoughts, your plans, your exercise, your food and water intake, your mood - whatever you wish to use it for.

You will discover:

  1.    New ways of thinking about your health and wellness

  2.    Uplifting quotes to inspire you to new heights

  3.    A daily journal that will help you reflect on your progress


“What a wonderful way to start my’s to spreading positive thoughts and deeds!  I can’t thank you enough for helping me on my journey to a healthier me.” - Rita, Savannah, GA

“What an awesome wealth of motivation and encouragement...very uplifting and inspiring!” - Joycey, Vestal, NY

“I can’t thank you enough for the words of wisdom that hit home.”

- Laura, Broughham, ONT, Canada

“Thanks for sharing the daily uplifting thoughts and quotes.  I really look forward to these.” - Elda, Minneaopolis, MN

In a very concise daily message, Catman combines inspiration and motivation to provide food for thought on attitudes that can help you move forward in tour journey towards health and wellness.

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